Debating Caught In The Crossfire: Whose Commission Is It?

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Who earned the commission on this sale? Agent 1 who developed a relationship with the buyer and showed them several properties OR agent 2 who wrote the offer contract? What are the pertinent details? Instead of the usual procuring cause discussion we will be presenting details and facts in a debate format. Adorna Carroll and Lynn Madison will engage in a debate; Bruce Aydt will moderate and the attendees will be asked to contribute to both sides of the debate and for your opinion as to which side presents the most persuasive argument. The participants will draw on facts used to decide cases throughout the country, sometimes with surprising and contradictory outcomes! Use what you hear to educate yourself and those in your office so you can avoid being a party to a similar situation!
  • Topic(s): Audiences, Topics
  • Presenter(s): Bruce H. Aydt, REALTORS® Panel
  • Audiences: Broker/Owner/Manager
  • Session#: 213-312
  • Session Length: 60 min
  • Program: 2013 REALTORS Conference
  • Date: Nov 10, 2013

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